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  • Mos Rouas
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Xiaomi Yeelight Indoor
    I love this lamp. I am a sucker for lights and color and this one does both. I received this lamp in exchange for an unbiased review. It took me a minute to figure out the app because I had a bad QR reader but once I got a new QR reader, doing the rest was a breeze. I did a video to show how it works but am having difficulty getting it to the computer from my phone. You can work the lamp manually by holding the smaller button that controls the color or you can control the lamp by downloading the app after scanning. Downloading the app is very easy and so is using it. It is controlled through the bluetooth in your phone and you can control the settings for colors and turn on times, even how you want the colors to change. You can set to one color or have the colors switch and choose which colors to switch and when. You can set the light to turn on and off at particular times too. There are various ways to achieve the results you want. You can do manually by touch or use the app, which gives more options. I am really going to have fun using this lamp and it will be one of my favorite lamps!
    It's Great as a reading light, or any other for that matter… And it's extraordinarily cool! It's also very well-made and seems high quality. And, on top of that there's a really nice app that extends its value even further!

    Apr 08,2016

  • Marcos
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Great Lamp
    This lamp is amazing.
    After I bought it, I read some comments saying it wasn't bright enough to read at night... Well, I'm glad those comments are wrong.

    This lamp is bright enough for night readings. As you can see in the picture I took, I'm using the pre-set mode "Reading" and even with the light against the paper, is possible to read it. And the light is not at its brightest...

    It is easy to configure, the change of brightness and colors are fast, it is built in a high quality material.
    The app you use to control the lamp comes with pre-configured modes (Movies, Home, etc...) and also allows you to save your favorite sets as well.

    As for the shipping, it took less than 30 days to arrive in my home in Brazil. It came very well packed. No damages at all.

    I'm loving this lamp and I'll probably buy another one soon :)
    None so far.

    Apr 09,2017

  • Tamas
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Great xiaomi product
    The application is finally available in Google Store in English. Easy to use, good quality plastic, feels nice. Brightness is enough to use as a read light, but can be adjusted to fit as a night light. Application has many many features, like sunrise simulator, night one touch turn on (medium yellow light), schedule, etc... Can be paired with Xiaomi miband, it will turn off the lamp when you fall asleep. The lamp has some sort of internal battery to keep track of time (clock), when it is not connected to 230V. Three modes: color mode, white mode (can be warm or cool) and color pulse mode (4 colors). Trick I found: when you use your fingers to adjust something on the lamp, slide your fingers in the edge of the top of the lamp. It helps.
    Took me a while to notice when the application of my smart watch, called Zeronner is running, the yeelight application can not connect to the lamp. I have to force close Zeronner first. Power adapter is huge. But you can use your own 12V 1A adapter if you wish, plug is standard. It would be nice in the application if I could save the color I found during wondering around.

    Oct 28,2015

  • Peter
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp
    The Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp is bright, has a nice feature set, and best of all, it can be controlled manually or with an intuitive smartphone app. But there is plenty of competition to consider. For a more portable option, consider the MiPow Playbulb Sphere, which is less expensive and offers similar physical controls, though its app isn't quite as good. If you're already part of the Philips Hue ecosystem, the wireless Hue Go is about the same price as the Yeelight, and it can withstand humidity, so you can use it for decorative lighting in the bathroom. And if you want a color-changing smart lamp you can take outdoors, there's the Elgato Avea Flare.

    Jul 31,2018

  • Joachim
    Yes (1) Color: White
    Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp v1 - WHITE
    Produit bien emballé et agréable à utiliser. En l'absence wifi, et sans bidouiller par exemple avec le service IFTTT, la lampe ne peut se commander verbalement avec un Google Home ou encore l'Alexia d'Amazon : c'est dommage, c'est la quasi la seule ombre au tableau, qui est presque parfait sur tous les autres aspects.

    Attention : il s'agit ici de la version 1 de la Bedside, n'offrant pas de connexion Wifi. Pour obtenir cette connectivité, il faudra acheter la version 2 de la Bedside. C'est dommage, Xiaomi aurait pu intégrer le wifi dès la première version de cette lampe de chevet.

    Produit conseillé, MAIS en version 2 qui innove en proposant le Wifi.
    Dommage, il manque juste le Wifi pour avoir un tableau parfait, ce qu'offre la version 2 de la Bedside : aussi éviter d'acheter la v1, qui fait l'impasse sur le Wifi.

    Nov 08,2017

  • Matteo
    Yes (0) Color: White
    BEST BUY Bedside Lamp
    This bed lamp, it's really nice to keep on the bedside table and very simple to use. Using the app yeelight there are a lot of smart functions, to change the hue of color and its brightness. But the most important thing is that all these features can be used without the smartphone.

    At the maximum brightness of the lamp makes a lot of light, and the colors are really beautiful to create a very special environment.
    No one.

    Apr 19,2017

  • Denis
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Прикроватная лампа.
    Выбирал себе прикроватную лампу между марками Xiaomi и Philips. У филипсов дизайн намного футуристичнее , по сравнению с Xiaomi, но и ценник у них был очень диким ,т.е. лампа со схожим функционалом стоит от 100$ до 200$.Конечно, после таких цен Xiaomi сразу подкупает.
    -Стиль выполнен в виде минимализма
    -Легкое и интуитивное понятное управление лампой
    -Настройка цвета
    -Настройка нужной яркости
    -Умные функции в приложении
    -Снизу хорошо прорезиненная подставка, которая ее надежно фиксирует с поверхностью.
    Минусы к сожалению тоже есть:
    - колба через которую проходит свет выполнена из пластика, хотелось бы стекло
    - хотелось бы больше яркости,хотя в темное время суток яркости хватает.
    - сетевой шнур китайский нужен переходник на российскую розетку( Переходник заботливо предоставлен гирбестом)
    - корпус не предполагает быструю замену лампочки внутри, если она накроется, придется покупать новую.
    - хотелось бы цену пониже

    Feb 06,2017

  • Robert Macrowan
    Yes (0) Color: White
    5 days after I ordered it the lamp arrived. I must confess I think I am becoming a Xiaomi fan boy, their designs and quality of construction are first class. It looks great and performs very well and all at half the price of the similar Philips model (which does not look so nice). I downloaded the app from the play store (which is now in English), the phone and the lamp connected immediately and the app gives you ease of operation and more display options. Thank you GB for prompt service and good prices.
    Its so nice I may have to buy another one :-)

    Jun 29,2016

  • Alexander
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Perfect Product / Packaging as worst
    The product itself is outstanding. Perfect Quality and matches the target excellent. To shine up your bedroom and make it a dream to read and relax.

    Shipping was superfast . 5 Days in EU without Weekend . Price was the best too. 45.10 Dollars is best price in all shops. Compared it two days and tried to find it cheaper. No way !

    Could recomment it to all people who are searching a wuality light for their bedroom .
    Packaging was at its worst. Nothing wrapped up with bubble paper . Only the light . But the light survived . The Packaging didnt survive ths good. At two edges there were bad damages . Like it was fallen from 2 metres .

    Please pack the items better . Its a long way from China to Germany . Or from UK to Germany . But the must ship it in EU Warehouse to sell .

    Mar 03,2016

  • T.Naidu
    Yes (0) Color: White
    All in all the device has far exceeded my expectations. It works brilliantly. I cannot stress enough how epic this looks.
    This is a high quality product. Xiaomi I am looking forward to the next item you release.

    The colours are vivid and bright, this lamp does get really bright.
    The customizing available is plenty, you can really set it to any mood.
    Super easy to use.

    Dec 28,2017