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  • Oleg
    YWXLight Двусторонний RGB-светодиодный меч 2 шт
    Do you look for objects for the dancing party or a festival? Bilateral LED YWXLight light will surpass your expectations! This light sword is characterized by a variety of a color RGB signal, the stereo activates a sound and function of connection. Accepting it to be really powerful hero for creation of adventures and scenes in party!
    It is easy to connect two swords by means of the socket it (is applied).
    He can be used as two easy sabers or to connect, becoming an ideal sword with the double end.
    The lighting effect of RGB for control, gives you pleasant lighting.
    Possession or stirring of a sword will change light color and will make excellent fighting effect.
    Change of light and sound casual
    Each sword with one button activates sound effects and fires.
    Each sword eats from 3 AAA batteries (isn't included in the package).

    Mar 31,2018

    τα φωτοσπαθα λειτουργουν και τα δυο!!!
    το ενα απο αυτα ηρθε λιγο τσακισμενο !!
    προφανως φταινε τα ταχυδρομια που δεν προσεχουν τα αντικειμενα !!
    καλο θα ηταν να εμπαινε παν στο πακετο η ενδειξη ευθραστον !!

    the photospace works both !!!
    one of them came a little cracked !!
    obviously it was the mail that did not look after the items !!
    it would be good to put everything on the pack indicating it fair!
    το ενα ηταν τσακισμενο!!!!

    one was crushed !!!!

    Apr 12,2018

  • Lois
    Belle e valide
    Molto carine, ben fatte, sono adatte a bambini vista la loro dimensione ridotta (66 cm compresa impugnatura). Diverse sequenze di colori nella gamma rgb con suoni ed effetti e interazioni al tocco. Hanno un accessorio che permette di unirle insieme per farle diventare una doppia spada stile Darth Maul

    May 04,2018

  • Mani
    Super sabre
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix
    Excellent sabre laser pour ce prix

    Nov 08,2018

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    "Super fun and better than
    My boys love these swords! My 5 year old and 2.5 year old received them gift, so good! For thepriceI was concerned they'd be broken by now but they are surprisingly sturdy and can take quite the beating! They make noise as they come into contact with another object so it makes them super fun and cool to play with! They light up very well too! So glad we decided on them!
    I don’t think so. It’s great. It exceeds my expectations.

    Feb 10,2018

  • sasHka
    Хорошая игрушка
    Хорошая игрушка для поклонников звездных войнов. Работает и светиться интересно и прикольно . Издают звук светового меча. меняет цвет при ударе. Можно соединить два меча в один большой меч. Отличный подарок детям.
    к сожалению плохая упаковка посылки - возможность повредить заказ

    Mar 12,2018

  • TCknivesforever
    Kid's Light Saber with sound effects
    It's surprisingly bright for such a small kids toy. I have to admit that it's pretty cool with the sound effects and the various coloured modes. It's very, very light so a child can easily swing this around without fatigue.
    It doesn't seem to be very robust, and there is a little bit of a rattle sound when you swing it around. Also, the battery slot is quite narrow and one of mines came with the metal contacts not in the right place (I had to remove it and reposition it).

    Jul 05,2018

  • Revan
    Неплохие мечи за такую цену. Сделаны более менее аккуратно. радует возможность выбора цвета. два меча можно объединить в один с помощью прилагаемого переходника.
    ну давай разложим все по полочкам вырвиглазное ты кадило:
    1. просто ужасная приоритетная доставка от IML. везли полтора месяца и завернули в сраный полиэтиленовый мешок. пожажничали даже на элементарную пупырку. В результате чего мечи пришли помятые. небольшие заломы и белые следы от них удалось убрать с помощью обычного фена. сильные заломы остались немного видны.
    2. просто паршивые звуковые эффекты, жжужит как бог пошлет
    3. нет батареек в комплекте
    4. а внутри у ней неонка (три цветных светодиода), которые через полиэтиленовую трубку рассеивают свет

    Feb 21,2018

  • MRN
    Fantastic Light Sabre
    Great motion-activated sounds
    Bright even in daylight
    Silent mode too
    Takes standard batteries
    Can join both light sabres together for double-ended version
    Great price
    Hours of fun
    slightly plastic looking
    Cannot control colour directly
    With both sabres connected together, colours are not linked, so different colour at each end

    Mar 14,2018

  • Kropacheck
    Not bad, but bad package
    Loud enough
    Hit sensor - give sound
    Light effects
    This item would be perfect and good gift for children because if the item arrived damaged nobody is happy
    BAD packaging, need more protecting material
    BOTH of the swords arrived damaged
    The plastic could be stronger for more durability

    Feb 19,2018