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  • amiller13
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    These lights seem innocent until it is dark, they are very bright and will annoy you at night if they are not placed, I guess what I am trying to say is that you may not want them out in the open like you would think for a night light, the reflective light was actually complimentary to the room at night, my house is safer to navigate in at night, I anticipate saving a few buck on electricity now since I no longer have to leave and conventional lighting on at night

    Dec 04,2018

  • Jack of All Trades
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    They are not so bright that they blind you at night but they do light up the room enough so you can see where you're going, they rotate so you can direct the light exactly where you need to and also so that you can point the light sensor toward a window if it's not bright enough in the room during the day to turn it off automatically, of course we're talking about LED lights so they're very economical, just a tiny bit larger than a golf ball

    Sep 07,2018

  • Erik Wallace
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    Fantastic no longer do you have to blind yourself at Night by turning on the bathroom light just walk into the bathroom and the toilet light comes on showing you where to go and lighting up the room in a non-glare light color of your choice it is fantastic I gave one to my next door neighbor who came over a month or so later and wanted to thank me because they did not know what they would do without it

    Aug 26,2018

  • R. Bass
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    These are great night lights, they only go on when movement is detected and provide enough light for you to see in the bathroom without having to turn on a bright light in the middle of the night, these handy lights have solved that problem, the toilet lights up when the door is open and gives plenty of light for my guest to find the light switch and they never enter a dark room

    Aug 21,2018

  • loreleigal
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    I like the reaction for cutting on and the swivel feature is nice so you can point it away from things, i'm using mine to light areas that I actually need to see at night bathroom and kitchen counter I had originally planned to use near the bedroom but the first night proved that to be a bad idea

    Oct 15,2018

  • Jim Sullivan
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    These are awesome night lights, they have the main light on each with a little window on top to let a small amount of light out in the opposite direction, but not so much that they are bothersome or overstimulating for someone just using the bathroom while they're half awake

    Nov 26,2018

  • Kimberly T
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    White light, purchased to provide light for going around at night without having to turn on lights and totally wake up when needing a drink or to use the bathroom, I have a different light in the bathroom itself ; I think this light would be too bright in my small bathroom

    Sep 04,2018

  • Jessica C.
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    These lights are very versatile and are perfect for lighting a path in a dark house, I have three in my living room and it does a pretty good job letting me see just about everything without being too bright, I have one in the kitchen so I can see the sink and light switch

    Oct 21,2018

  • Kathryn J. Cunningham
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    They work great for my rooms with terrible light switch placement, brighter than the average night light, these light up a room just enough to see where you're going

    Dec 13,2018

  • TechSavvyBuyer
    Yes (0) Color: Blanco
    Light sensor is very responsive ... Night light turns on instantly when no light in the room is detected, whitish light maybe too bright for some people's taste

    Sep 13,2018