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  • KuroNekko
    Yes (3) Color: White
    Zanflare T1 Lantern
    Powerful lantern in a small size using a single included 18650 battery. The lanterns has tint and brightness modes, including the ability to change the actual tint from warm to cool and keep anywhere in between. It can adjust brightness in either cool, warm, or custom tint. The top-mounted touch button activates the light, tint, and brightness modes. There is a small button on the bottom that activates the red light, red SOS light, and turns the lantern off. The T1 is also USB-rechargeable and can be used while charging. The battery tube is metal and the bottom battery cap is magnetic so you can attach the T1 on ferrous surfaces. The magnetic is good and holds the T1 securely. The size of the T1 is compact as it's smaller than a normal aluminum can.
    The touch button on the top allows for easy accidental activation and can't turn the T1 off. You can only do that by using the tiny button on the bottom. The T1 also features a metal loop for hanging upside-down on a hook (like in a tent) but it's hard to access. It's well built but the build quality isn't as good as the Zanflare flashlights like the F1, F3, etc. The box also came crushed and was missing the spare O-rings that the packaging said was included. However, it came with a battery and the packaging says batteries not included. Overall, a great lantern for camping.

    Jun 14,2018

  • Alexey G.
    Yes (2) Color: White
    Zanflare T1
    Интересный по функционалу вариант за свою цену. Все, что дешевле — явно хуже. Все, что дороже — имеет преимущество в виде надежности (fenix, чья CL-линейка вообще неубиваемая) и приятного оттенка света, при этом цена кардинально выше.

    + два типа света — теплыйхолодный
    + встроенная зарядка, 1А
    + достаточная для 2-3 метровой площади свет
    + бесступенчатая настройка яркости и цветовой температуры
    + полная поддержка работы от внешнего питания
    + неплохое качество изготовления
    + комплектный аккумулятор с нормальной емкостью
    + сильный магнит
    + доступный цена
    В моём экземпляре какая-то сильно неудачная пружина к крышке батарейного отсека.

    Jul 26,2018

  • Alice
    Yes (1) Color: White
    tent lamp
    I used this at an outdoor concert in a teeny tent and it was perfect. Bright as daylight, I could see well and get around the camping area all night without battery failure. I could adjust the light by collapsing the light a bit more and didn't have to wear a headlight. Sitting on the picnic table, it gave enough light to see to fix dinner and clean up. I didn't try the solar USB on my cell but will do that soon, to see how long it takes to recharge my cell. Even if that's not so great, as a light around the campsite, it's a winner! It's tiny enough to pack in my backpack or in with my camping gear.
    Works well

    Jun 28,2018

  • Grean
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Great tent light
    I'm like this lamp a lot! This is almost as feature rich as "brand" lamps, but cheaper. Disadvantages are not critical and can be tuned by manufacturer in future revisions. Also would be nice to have an ability to change red light brightness.

    -Very good build quality
    -Good control ablilites: 2 separately ajustable modes, warm to cold ajustable color temperature, "infinity" variable brightness, memory
    -Red light
    -No flicker on any brightness
    -Hook, magnet
    -Come with honest battery
    -Slightly mess-up control (on by sensor, off by button)
    -It's hard to "catch" needed brightness at low levels, it's changing too fast
    -Too, too long button press to off (>2s)

    Aug 15,2018

  • Santokki
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Works well, bright and pretty. I used it to light up my tent at night when camping. I used a couple of small USB cell phone chargers to power them, and they used less than 1/4 of the power of each USB charger after about 10 hours of constant use.
    I think it's a good value since two string lights are included for a pretty low price.
    I was considering getting a more expensive string light that had coated insulated wires, as the wires on this product look a little thin and don't seem that strong, but I don't think they'll break easily as long as you are careful.
    Nice lamp.

    Jul 03,2018

  • zanflare T1
    Yes (1) Color: White
    Joanna K
    Fast delivery ,
    Shipment Very Well Packed
    I tested two days.
    Easy to carry, compact.

    The light meets all my needs, both internal and external.
    Very bright LEDs that can be adjusted.
    One touch control - a touch button placed on the top
    Eye-friendly lamp,
    A solid tucked hook - ideal for hanging.

    Well done - THE BEST quality.

    Jul 07,2018

  • Markus
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Style over Substance?
    The T1 is a great little lantern featuring good looks and build quality. Working with the different light colors is awesome. However, it tends to be activated by just bumping into stuff which makes it a hassle to just throw it into a backpack. If you do camping with style or interior decorating this is just the right lantern. If you depend on super-rugged gear with fail-proof user interfaces you may look for something else (i.e. the Blitzwolf lantern also sold on GB)

    Apr 06,2019

  • Janny
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Really nice small lantern. Very bright LED's that is adjustable by closing or opening the case. It's well made seems like it will last for a while. The small solar charger is a nice addition and indirect, bright sun it will charge enough to get you through the night. I also have a Suzuki solar panel which pairs great with this and gives you access to unlimited power & light.
    No cons.

    Jun 25,2018

  • Slava
    Yes (1) Color: White
    Очень хороший фонарь
    Отличный кемпинговый осветитель. Есть теплый ламповый свет, есть холодный поярче. Регулировка уровня освещения и температуры света. На аккумуляторе 18650. При ярком свечении работает около 8 часов.

    Oct 10,2018

  • Slava
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Отличный осветитель
    Excellent camping light. There is a warm lamp light, there is a cold brighter. Adjust the light level and light temperature. On the 18650 battery. With a bright glow it works for about 8 hours.

    Oct 10,2018