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  • Carter
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue Size: L XL
    Don't delay. Try it out!
    Whether your an experienced snorkeler or a newbie, this mask is right for you! It's easy to breathe through this mask either floating on top of the water or bringing your head completely out. Water in the snorkel pipe flows out and not into your mask or mouth and you can breathe through nose and/mouth. The 180 view is amazing compared to regular goggles - let's face it, you don't want to miss a cool fish or sea turtle because your view is limited. Occasional fog up did occur but not terrible enough I needed to remove and wipe out. The mask does make you more buoyant, which is actually a great thing because if you're staying at the water surface, It takes less energy to stay afloat thus allowing you time to rest and relax. If you have a go pro, it's has much more fun. Don't delay. Try it out!

    Jul 09,2018

  • Roberto
    Yes (1) Color: Earth Blue Size: S M
    Maschera subacquea
    Arrivata in tempi brevissimi e con un imballo perfetto.
    Di ottima qualità, pari a quella che si trova in altri centri commerciali ma ad un prezzo più basso.
    La plastica gommosa che impedisce all'acqua di entrare nella maschera è molto morbida e si modella al viso. Io ho preso la misura S/M che va bene per i bambini e per adulti con una testa piccola.
    Il tubo rigido della respirazione di stacca facilmente per una completa pulizia della maschera.
    Compreso nel pacco anche l'aggancio per la sportcam.
    Si indossa facilmente e gli elastici non sono fastidiosi, ma non sono regolabili

    Jul 30,2018

  • Rodney
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue Size: L XL
    ZANMAX SNK01 Snorkeling Mask
    I like the fact that I don't have to worry about breathing while I'm under the water I can use my mouth or my nose which can put a personal use and take away some of the anxiety that goes along with snorkeling. Also after you go under the water, you don't have to think about clearing the water from your snorkel. You just come out of the water and begin to breathe normally has the ball valve Overlease the air and keep water from coming in.

    Jul 16,2018

  • Dario
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue Size: L XL
    Great price for this.
    The cost of this mask is a small price to pay to actually enjoy your snorkeling trip! Used to snorkel twice sofar and I will definitely make room for this in my bag on every trip now!
    At one point I did get some water in the mask. Due to the great seal the water stayed in the mask but never seemed to get in my mouth, it remained near my chin if upright or close to the glass if horizontal.

    Jul 17,2018

  • Andrew
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue Size: L XL
    Great product and good package.
    I just bought this snorkel mask and get ready for this summer. I can't wait to try it on inside the swimming pool. It does work well. It can make me see the water clear and breath well. It perfectly fit my size and even my kids who are 10 years old can use it. I think it is perfect to use whenever you are going to beach. Great product and good package.

    Jul 19,2018

  • Kobe
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue Size: L XL
    Cool concept
    Really cool concept. Took on a cruise last weekend and loved the better sight lines. Wish I had thought to use some SPIT prior, as it still gets fogged up, but overall, a very cool way to snorkel.

    Jul 11,2018

  • Lakmetas
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue Size: L XL
    value For money
    This mask is truly one of the best. In a very good price very easy to use and well crafted.
    Tested in seawater I had absolutely no leaks and zero fogging! Breathing is normal and very pleasant.
    Price, usage

    Aug 18,2018

  • Jorge
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue Size: S M
    Excelente calidad
    El material es perfecto, se ajusta muy bien para practicamente cualquier adulto, muy resistente y cumple con lo que se espera por el precio

    Oct 09,2018

  • Kunichkin Mikhail Alexandrovich
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue Size: L XL
    Mask for swimming
    удобная маска
    высокое качество пластика.
    не запотевается стекло.
    легкий и прочный корпус.

    Feb 16,2019