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  • Tomas
    Yes (3) Color: Colormix Size: US
    M8R2 Zonestar 3D Printer
    Well packaged and Labeled. easy to leveling and auto leveling feature. Initial prints came good, need to regulate speed to 80-100 for good quality.

    Great LCD and features from menu are easy to find select, you can re-position nozzle as needed,
    Easy to connect to PC.
    Came with a SD card with all information for building and troubleshooting.
    The M8R2 has a mixing extruder for 2 filament load, and mix to one nozzle, have not tried multi-color or mixing yet. just one color prints, great features
    Same as previous review the extruder hot end had major leaks, from troaht and from nozzle, making a bit of mess when printing, I'm fixing it with copper silicone

    The options on LCD have a load filament feature but only for first extruder, manual load for the second filament, will be great to have on next FW release.

    The extruders are difficult to load filament.

    Jan 02,2018

  • Ivan Gavrailov
    Yes (1) Color: Colormix Size: US
    i have a problem with this 3D printer. the temperature after one minute starts to drastically fall. and this leads to confusion in the process

    Jan 24,2018

  • noom
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: EU
    Good Supported from gearbest and easy to assembly
    I have already received the goods and take 2 in the assembly, very good manual, can be obtained from Zonestar3DPrinter facebook and Upgrade parts are available for self-printing and print quality.
    LCD will not print normally, but print job can be completed.

    Oct 07,2018

  • Real Duff
    Yes (2) Color: Colormix Size: US
    Came well packaged. Very easy to level. Initial prints better than expected. Has great print speed. The LCD menu is easy to follow and has most necessary options for operation. This is a mixing extruder, 2 filamentrs, one nozzle.
    Extruder hot end had major leak. I was able to fix it with krylon tape. The options do not have a load filament feature, and will only operate one extruder making it necessary to manually load the second filament. The extruders are difficult to load filament.

    Dec 25,2017

  • Jeffrey
    Yes (3) Color: Colormix Size: US
    Home user
    Finally got this printer running tonight. It has its quirks. Just getting the calibration tests done now. All in all, so far a good product.
    I'm going to have to add a fan to the processor board to keep the driver chips from overheating. The duel extruder needs to be taken apart when you build the printer and tighten all the tubes/nozzle due to leaks

    Jan 13,2018

  • Mustafa KARSLI
    Yes (1) Color: Colormix Size: EU
    Yazıcı iyi. Metal ve çift renk olması güzel.
    Tüm aksamı metal olması iyi. sağlam olması için mantıklı olmuş.
    Çift renk olması güzel. Renkli baskı olması ayrı bir hava katıyor.
    Filament tutucusu küçük olmuş. Filamentlerin kutuları büyük geliyor

    Feb 21,2018