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  • Stuart Goggin
    Zonestar Z5f Review
    Color:Blue and Black Size:EU
    This is a well put together printer, and is really capable of producing good prints. I would buy another if they come up on a flash sale again.

    1 - All metal frame
    2 - Firmware is very good, unlike all of my other printers I'm still using it stock.
    3 - The power supply is sufficient and actually works
    The vertical frame needs bracing to the horizontal frame. I used some aluminium corner brackets and also printed a couple of frame brackets.

    The bed is a little flexible, I would prefer an aluminium bed holder and may get one made one day.

    You must print a cable brace for the cable that runs to the bed, otherwise the cables will break eventually.

    Apr 29,2018

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  • zonestar z5f
    Zonestar Z 5f review
    Color:Blue and Black Size:EU
    Good quality for the price, models turns out more detailed than expected.
    bolts used to build the thing are not the best i've seen and the filament mount isn't the right size for big rolls. (can be fixed with a 3d printed part)

    Jan 26,2018

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