How do Chinese people spend Christmas?
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By 11111 | 14 December 2022 | 0 Comments

How do Chinese people spend Christmas?


Christmas customs in China

Following are some Chinese?customs in Christmas. Some are the same as Christmas in the west,and some are different from western Christmas.But they all have Chinese characteristics.

Christmas decorations

Christmas tree, Dendrobium parasitic, hexagonal snowflakes, Santa Claus bells... With the approaching of Christmas, these symbolic images and symbols can be seen everywhere in the streets and lanes of China. However, because the traditional Chinese festival of the Winter Solstice and New Year's Day are close to Christmas. Therefore, Christmas in China has a "Chinese flavor".




Walking in the street, "Christmas Green" and "Chinese Red" color mix, also reveals the "Chinese flavor" of Christmas. Scottish checked skirt, snowflake jacket, coupled with the "Chinese red" scarf or sweater, appears particularly warm and festive.


Eat apples on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a custom that has gradually spread to China. An unusual apple giving tradition has evolved in the country. Ping in the word 'apple' (苹果 píngguǒ /ping-gwor/) sounds like the word 'peace' in Mandarin, which is used for Christmas Eve ('Peaceful Evening'), so people give and eat apples, particularly on Christmas Eve. Apples are wrapped with all kinds of exquisite packages printed with love, love hearts, and peace patterns.




Many teenagers who are interested in this new thing think it's worthwhile to give a gift with the meaning of "Peace" to their friends costing only $0.76. It seems that Christmas Eve conveys the meaning of “Peace” , and also conveys a good blessing at the same time.


Send Christmas cards

Christmas cards are also a custom in China. People will write their best wishes to their relatives and friends on the cards, and then give them to each other with other Christmas gifts. This will help them strengthen their friendship.


Christmas dinner

A growing number of Chinese celebrate on Christmas Eve by eating Christmas dinners with friends. Traditional Christmas dinners are readily available at hotel restaurants and Western restaurants. Supermarket chains catering to foreigners like Jenny Lou’s and Carrefour in China, and City’Super in Hong Kong and Taiwan, sell all the trimmings needed for a home-cooked Christmas feast.




An East-meets-West Christmas dinner can also be had during Christmas in China. Eight treasures duck (八宝鸭, bā bǎo yā) is the Chinese version of a stuffed turkey. It is a whole duck stuffed with diced chicken, smoked ham, peeled shrimp, fresh chestnuts, bamboo shoots, dried scallops and mushrooms stir-fried with slightly undercooked rice, soy sauce, ginger, spring onions, white sugar, and rice wine.



People treat Christmas more like St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day. That is to say, it is a happy day. People go out to gather with friends instead of spending time with their families like Westerners. Typical ways of celebrating Christmas include watching movies, singing or shopping. Christmas Eve is the most important shopping time of the year. Young couples have always regarded it as a romantic day. Ski resorts and amusement parks are popular resorts.


Hang up muslin stockings

Children hang up muslin stockings in the hope that Dun Che Lao Ren, the Chinese version of Santa Claus, will visit and leave gifts.




Business activities

At Christmas, businesses do some activities to stimulate consumption. So Christmas shopping malls and roadside stores will do some Christmas discount promotions or gift giving activities.


Top three Chinese Christmas songs

Apart from (classic) English carols and pop songs the Chinese songs you are most likely to hear playing are the Chinese versions (to the same tunes) of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", "Silent Night", and "Jingle Bells".


For Chinese young people, Christmas is an important festival. According to a survey conducted by the China Institute of Social Investigation, Chinese aged 15 to 45 are the most people to celebrate Christmas. Some people think that the accelerated pace of modern life makes people need more opportunities to communicate and relax with relatives and friends, and Christmas just provides people with such an opportunity, there is no reason not to be accepted by people.


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